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  • Operational note #1: When "arming", be careful it doesn't lead to "dis-arming".

  • I read a book years ago about VTOL platforms where there were descriptions of hovering platform tests in the 50s by the US. Just controlled by a human standing on it and shifting CG. Closest I could find on youtube is this:

    It´s really not new. You just could improve controllability today by adding stabilization systems. Anyway it´s dangerous because there are many single point failiures in these systems. I like platforms where I have the chance to glide down if the engine fails...

  • The closest that I would get to that thing is YouTube! :)
  • Going nowhere without gyro control, but at least someone in the world has enough money to try it.

  • Oh I should mention the text in the description says the guy, Shu Man, is a cattle farmer and hobbyist mechanic with only middle-school education.

    I think I've seen him somewhere before with some other crazy engineering contraption, or it could be another Chinese guy (we all look alike).

    edit: oh yes: here we go, the guy built a glider at some point too.  More pictures of him and his crazy octocopter on google images, and some of his glider:舒满&tbm=isch


    second edit: couldn't help linking this: apparently the guy's gone on to create an even more crazy and elaborate UFO-like craft:

    I have to admire the guy though, in the interview he say something like "to advance human understanding/ability.  People might not understand [why I do it], but this is what is within my capabilities to do/this is the way of doing it"  (I may also have totally incorrectly translated that but still inspiring).


    舒满 - Google Search
  • awesome Yao! thanks for translating the conversation :)

  • Let's see, here's some key points from the audio that I'll try to translate:

    at 1:05 "this lever controls lift, this lever controls forward/backwards motion, look at the lower exhaust rings, this lever will change the position of the rings to vector thrust.  Push to go forward, and it can also go forwards, backwards, left and right."

    at 1.28 "this lever, this lever is to spin, this will only move two of the rings"

    at 1:40 he mumbles something about the displays and switches "this is the display, main switch, engine switch" etc., didn't quite catch what he was saying exactly.

    at 1:54 "these lower exhaust windows, moving them side to side will cause rotation, forward/backwards will cause motion"

    at 2:02 "I've got 8 engines, each engine can produce 55kg of thrust"

    at 5:49 "This throttle, it has 5 settings, at the second setting, I start lifting off, and I find that I tilt.  If I continue to gun the throttle, I find that it'll be just like a helicopter, it'll fly away!  Those three ropes behind there, even with three guys holding onto them, they can't hold on.  If those were released, then would I not fly away? wouldn't there be accidents, right? [rhetorical questions].  Today I just wanted to get it to lift off, the throttle isn't stable (steady?), I don't dare to gun the throttle, but actually there are 3 more settings"

    at 6:25 something about "today was a test of ..." didn't quite catch what he said that

    at 6:33 "In the best case, it can lift two to three people"


    Basically what it comes down to is that Chinese people are crazy, I should know I am one.

  • Scary test helicopter accident

  • If he had variable pitch props I think would have a lot better chance at stability/survival.  Also this is the second manned DIY copter I've seen tested without a helmet..

  • Wow, leave it to the chinese to make a crazy giant contraption, though I would have probably used electric motors but the batery weight might be too large for it too cary, and I would probably change the cockpit to were it is made of metal and add a windsheild for flying debris like birds

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