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  • Wow, leave it to the chinese to make a crazy giant contraption, though I would have probably used electric motors but the batery weight might be too large for it too cary, and I would probably change the cockpit to were it is made of metal and add a windsheild for flying debris like birds

  • Developer

    Nothing wrong with using gas motors for hovering a full size. The momentum at that size makes for slower/fewer corrections. But I do not think the design in this video is the way to go. Look at for a better (and working) approach.

  • It looks like it's effectively thrust vectoring by disrupting the shrowds. Watch for the headlines " Chinese man killed while trying to fly human food processor"
  • @Jan I meant jet-powered, "quad-like" drones ;)

  • @Gian Carlo Martinelli

    Drones that have weapons and kill are a reality already.

  • Well, thanks Jan for your vote of confidence.  And yes, I too am skeptical of anyone being successful with internal combustion engines.  The control permutations are staggeringly large.  Methinks that's part of Paul Moller's SkyCar challenges - and he's been at it for 25 years or so and burned through, according to his website, about 100 million USD in angel investments (and in my opinion, to produce a product for which there is no market, but that's a whole other conversation.)

  • or, maybe I'm wrong and we could soon have these...


  • I believe jets would have some issues also. From what I know their response time when throttling is very high, which would, once again, harm stability.

  • I wonder when i see 8 jet turbines instead !:-)

  • Just getting that thing up and running has a high probability for death and dismemberment.

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