There's a bug in my flight control system!




An interesting photo essay "Chasing Nature" which shows several flying projects inspired by bugs and birds.  Not much detail, but enough context to allow googling of the original project pages.  This picture is captioned:

Instead of working to build and control robotic insects, Michel Maharbiz and collaborators at the University of California, Berkeley, hijacked the real thing. This six-centimeter-long flower beetle is fitted with electronics that stimulate its brain and flight muscles. Signals delivered by radio waves command its flight. Maharbiz is working on miniaturizing the electronics to control smaller insects, such as houseflies.



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  • Next time, be careful what you swat with that rolled up newspaper!   

  • next time they will control human :P

  • Great, now the US military will be outfitting flys with neural interface's and sending them on spy missions.

  • Threatening a fly or any other insect for that matter with a rolled up newspaper also seems to stimulate their

    brain and flight muscles and now you can do it with electronics too. Wow!

  • Man I worry whatbwould happen, if decent computer neural interface existed :)
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