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  • @Marc S
    finally found one that was already made some time ago, that's pretty much the same i believe

  • @malcolm

    or constant speed of engines and iris-like (or any other)  air flow restrictors. but still more work, complicated and weighty

  • @yuan gao.

    and he did crashed in his glider I believe.



    But considering that This guy does not have "correct" educational background nor fund backing from NASA, I think what he is doing is pretty awesome.

  • Not very environmentally friendly...  Al Gore would have a heart attack!

  • The cacophony of those 8 engines must be terrifying. I think the spectators in the general vicinity are brave, let alone the pilot - If a propeller comes off its amputation time. Still, I admire their great pioneering spirit!

  • I think the only way to do this would be constant speed engines (governor) and variable pitch blades, but that's a lot of work.

  • Life size human food processor!  That guy most certainly has a steel pair to be climbing into that thing.  Got to admire the ambition though.    

  • OMG. Bleeding edge for sure  :)


  • Chinese Take away !!! with human flesh !!!

  • The only thing this human blender is missing is the bowl and lid!

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