This is my holiday project.

Im trying to keep costs down, so have stayed with Hobbyking parts as much as possible.
Im not an Electrical Engineer, so I'm working on what I've researched just in the past few hours.

Here's my schematic. I don't mind if you make any comments, to help me refine this design.

Once I have the schematic worked out correctly, I will produce a proper schematic for all to use.

Here is my parts list

2200mAh 1S LiPo

USB Battery Charger

Bluetooth Module




Im hoping I can replace the onboard SMD LEDs with the pin LEDs.

All up, the parts will be about $30 +shipping, but I'll try and get them locally if it fits the budget.

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Surprise, surprise.... I've revised the material list, I've blown my budget already.

Just bought the Relay, Bluetooth and hobbyking stuff, will grab the others from my local store when I need it.

1600mAh 2S battery

2S/3S balance charger

Switch and UBEC

Bluetooth module

SPDT Relay


Blue LED

Green LED

Yellow LED


All up, including shipping, Im in for $68.52. The added cost is due to the upgraded battery, and inclusion of the switch/UBEC, and the increased cost of the bluetooth module for faster delivery. I think these items will make it a more robust system.

Should be done in a week or so, so i'll post some pics then.

Hey Nickolas,

Did you get a chance to test this setup?

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