I found this website with a Antenna Tracker for RC flying. They say it will be ready in April.

Antenna Tracker:

- Essential companion to the EzOSD
- Uses real-time telemetry from the OSD to keep an antenna pointed at a model.
- Two axis guidance, using standard pan/tilt mounts.
- Greatly increases range for CE-compliant European video gear.

Availability: April 2009


Are there any othere options out there if you wanna have a Antenna Tracker for your FPV or UAV.

EzOSD w/Telemetry and Antenna Guidance from ImmersionRC on Vimeo.

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PS.. I like the jazzz.
Just ordered one of thse guys instead of a Dragon; it should be here within a week. I'll let you know how it turns out and what I'm able to do with the antenna tracker.
Where to buy?
I found mine at a UK store, First Person View ( http://www.firstpersonview.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&a... ). It seems as if they're sold out right now, unfortunately.
@Adam: the item u ordered included the EzOSD tracker?? The webpage shows the package only includes EzOSD, current sensor and gps.
@Hooks: can get it from Here as well, however currently no stock too
No sir, I ordered ONLY the EzOSD. The tracker is still a month or two away from public release, from what I've heard. Unless you are planing on doing some modification, though, you'll need the EzOSD for the tracker to function correctly.

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