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Adam Kaplan commented on Tim Trueman's blog post Insurgents Hack U.S. Drones

To put things in perspective, our TVs and DVDs use more encryption then the Predator's video downlink."
Dec 18, 2009
Adam Kaplan replied to mark's discussion I've never flawn an RC plane before. What simulator should I get to start out?
"I would recommend searching out your nearest RC club and asking if anyone would be willing to give you some flight instruction. It will cost significantly less and give you a real feel for your platform rather than a simulated one."
Dec 8, 2009
Adam Kaplan posted a blog post
Earlier tonight I had the pleasure of attending an AIAA seminar on Unmanned Aircraft Systems in the National Airspace System led by John Moore, a principal design engineer with Rockwell Collins.SC-203, a special committee requested by both the AOPA…
Nov 17, 2009
Adam Kaplan commented on Robert Krogh (hooks)'s blog post About Video Transmitter
"Another important thing to consider is the included encryption option on some of those transmitters and receivers. FCC rules specifically forbid any encryption on 2.4ghz other than for remote control or telemetry. I would recommend steering clear of…"
Oct 11, 2009
Adam Kaplan replied to Paul Har's discussion Ground Station Readout air speed
"Does the "digital" number readout in the lower half of the gauge actually read 200 or does the "analog" dial point to 200?"
Jul 26, 2009
Adam Kaplan posted a blog post
Do you have an unused PC lying around somewhere? Try ripping into your old desktop for its power button! My Thermaltake Soprano yielded a nice looking power button with a two-pin female connector, perfect for plugging right into the ArduShield.
Jul 25, 2009
Adam Kaplan commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Aurora VTOL drone prototype first flight
"I haven't looked too far into the Excalibur's numbers, but does the promised 420 knots top speed (air or ground, anyhow?) account for payload? I read somewhere that it can pack four Hellfires."
Jul 25, 2009
Adam Kaplan commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post DIYdrones at Oshkosh?
"And here you got me all excited for the DIY Drones booth. =P I'll actually be at Oshkosh for a day or two; if anyone has anything they'd like me to check out and report back on I'd be happy to make the rounds."
Jul 23, 2009
Adam Kaplan posted a discussion
Hi guys, a brief update on my project thus far - I have modified a NexStar EP to serve as my main UAV platform, and have currently installed a camera, transmitter, and an EzOSD (highly recommended) and will be looking at how to best integrate the…
Jul 21, 2009
Adam Kaplan posted a discussion
Hey guys, just got my ArduPilot in the mail. I'm starting to figure out just where I'm going to be mounting everything, but already I've found a minor issue. The bottom part of my NexStar's fuselage is continuously slanted, which gives me no level…
Jul 16, 2009
Adam Kaplan replied to Adam Kaplan's discussion Largest LiPo w/ Voltage Sensor
"Thanks guys; sorry I missed something so obvious in the manual.

Let's say I ran a 2 cell and a 3 cell in series - in theory, they should drain at the same rate, right? Would I get accurate results if I used the voltage sensor with just one of them?"
Jun 22, 2009
Adam Kaplan posted discussions
Jun 21, 2009
Adam Kaplan replied to Robert Krogh (hooks)'s discussion Antenna Tracker
"Just ordered one of thse guys instead of a Dragon; it should be here within a week. I'll let you know how it turns out and what I'm able to do with the antenna tracker."
May 25, 2009
Adam Kaplan replied to olli's discussion question to ardupilot 2.xx
"I am far less experienced then Joseph, but it is my understanding that you can use a separate OSD along with ArduPilot so long as all you want is the graphical-overlay (and not a RTF feature, etc). I had planned on using either an Intelligent Flight…"
May 25, 2009
Adam Kaplan posted a discussion
Hey guys, I've gotten far enough along in the planning process of my UAV to start asking power questions. I'll be using a NexSTAR EP (http://www.towerhobbies.com/products/hobbico/hcaa09.html ) for the airframe, a DragonOSD (…
Apr 21, 2009
Adam Kaplan commented on Chris Anderson's blog post WE WON!!!!
Apr 15, 2009