Any plans to migrate to AVR Studio 5?

Hi GuysAre there any plans or groups interested in migrating the APM code to AVR Studio 5?APM is great, and the scale of the project seems to have reached the point now where it would benefit from a more sophisticated development environment, especially for newcomers to the team who have a learning curve to climb.Interested in everyone's views, especially the established members.RegardsMike

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    No, but here's our guide for using Eclipse:
    • I am currently having problems with Eclipse, and this link doesn't work anymore. I have had similar luck with other links that take me to this ArduPilot-Mega Wiki. Is the link dead? I have been getting a lot of my information from this link:

      But I find that it is lacking and incomplete. Is there another place that I can go to learn more about Eclipse more in depth?

  • I hope not, from the youtube demo, top comment:

    "Just downloaded this, its based on Visual Studio 2010 so no cross compatibility with mac or linux. Beta version dosent suports the STK500 or some AVR's like ATMega8. It's a weird Studio. Hope it gets better when it leaves the beta stadium!"

    Anyway I would vote to simply get the code away from depending on the Arduino IDE beginners short cut of concatenating all the files to make one big file, thus removing the need to worry about static / non static funtions and variables.

    Then the code would be importable without change to any development environment.

    The work is small: create a proto.h file that defines all the functions (as externs) that are called from one file to another, and also defines all the variables that are global as externs, include this file in every PDE (cpp) file. Remove "static" from the functions that are called from outside a PDE file. And that is it: it will then compile as a collection of files, and link to the Arduino and AP_ stuff. A huge #ifdef in proto.h could make it empty if the Arduino IDE is in use.
    I did this already to whatever version I downloaded a few weeks ago. Works great outside the IDE now.

    Note the underlying AP_* files ardupilotmega uses don't depend on any Arduino IDE tricks, they just compile right up. The only barrier are the ArduPilotMega files.
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