Anybody know what type of connector this is?

I recently purchased a video transmitter and can't figure out where to get plugs to fit it or what kind they are in order to make a wiring harness.

It is a four pin connector similar to a LiPo balancing connector but not the same.

I would really appreciate any advice anybody has on how to identify this plug type.

I got the transmitter here.





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  • Wow Chad!


    Well-done that was quite a search!!!

  • I finally found it.

    It is made by JST and their part number is B4B-PH-K-S(LF)(SN).

    I got it from Digi-Key and their part number is 455-1706-ND and they were like $0.18 each.


    Purchased here.


    Just in case anyone else out there wants them too.

  • I don't know what it's actually called, but it looks like the same connector that used to come on Soundblaster cards for connecting the CD analog audio to the sound card.
  • Just cut it off and splice on your own connectors. That's what I do. You can get servo type .1" pins and shells and make your own, like new.
  • I think the similar looking JST series (can't remember which one) has two keying/locking slots at the top, not a single wide one, like this connector.
  • Thanks a lot for the reply. 
  • I would assume it's one of the JST series connectors. Sorry I can't be more precise!
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