Hello all.

I am running a Y-6 set up.

I have had no trouble flying it but have come across a couple of problems.

The first I have a suspicion is my batteries but may be some other system issue.

I have found after about 5 minutes of flight (in most circumstances) that I seem to lose the ability to throttle, my throttle is moved to 90% or greater to try and keep it in the air and as I am trying to get it down it begins a fall.

I am hoping, as I have said, this is just a bad few batteries (easy solution) but if anyone has any thoughts I would appreciate your feedback.

I have placed 2 flight logs here:



as well as attached them to this thread.

I have ordered new batteries but to know that this is or isn't the issue rather than just throwing it back up in the air would be nicer for my brain.

The second issue is concerning programmed flight paths.

I have found with both my APM 2.5 and my 2.6 that when I flip the switch into AUTO begins to fly the opposite direction to what has been programmed. Both systems this happens with.

In the flight log #37 I execute the AUTO mode several times. Unfortunately as it starts going in the wrong direction, I am quick to flip it back into either loiter or stabilise due to paranoia (trees on my boundaries etc)..

The last time I let it execute in that log I let it play out for a few more seconds of flight.

I don't know. I can look at the logs, but I am unable to see faults as such.

In general, I find it to be a very stable system. I have been tuning the mechanics of it to get nice smooth video, now I am hoping (after nearly bad crash) to tidy up the bugs I have.

I am constantly surprised by how solid the 3DR design is.

I would appreciate any feedback.

Much thanks.


2013-12-20 22-48 36.log

2013-12-20 22-49 37.log

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  • Hi Andke. Thanks for the response.
    I am flying an almost stock y6 from 3dr. They are the pre SimonK firmware esc's (they looked like 20 or 30amp RCtimers when I opened up the heat shrink) but I had upgraded them to SimonK a while back. Issue was present before the firmware upgrade.
    Honestly, I don't know how to check the SimonK settings - but I will do some reading today and see whether or not it is possible to.
    Compass calibration has been done several times to try to fix the nav issue, and has been done indoors and out. With the machine powered up and viewing its location on mission planner when I walk around with it in my hands mp shows correct locations, of course that's GPS not compass but anyways... GPS and compass are mounted approx 150mm above ESCs and 100mm above receiver and APM.
    Again, appreciate your thoughts.
  • whithout being able to look at you logs here on my Android device,

    What ESC's are you using, any chance they are configured with throttle protection ?

    If you suspect you battery, you can check after 5 minutes, (after it lost most of the power)  , if you disarm/rearm, or reboot, it loose thrust after much shorter time.

    -Regarding it going in wrong direction , did you do compass calibration and/or compassmot , or placed the compass far away from ESC/high power cables ?

    Since you use this old forum,  may I guess you may not even be aware of http://copter.ardupilot.com/  ?` - see "instructions" for lots of good info.

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