I have had a few 'successful' flights - by that I mean buzzing around a bit without crashing. I then got the toilet bowl effect and nearly crashed. I managed to flip into stabilise and land ok. 

My aim in the future is to add expensive and potentially heavy camera gear to my onto set up. I feel it's along way off as I want to be more educated on everything. 

So starting with the parameters and multiple options in the Mission Planner I wanted to know what they mean. Either to dismiss them as not applicable or to leave as default or tune if needed.

The problem is much of the documenting is quite brief and I think it assumes you know a lot of info already for it to make sense. 

One example from the parameters in arducopter:


Description: Time constant for baro and accel mixing. Higher TC decreases barometers impact on altitude estimate.

If I really wanted to know what this meant in more detail and what if anything I might wish to change, I have not idea where else I should look.

I know this is open source and everything here is provided free so I feel stuck as to where a new goes to get the details!

Is there anywhere to get an in depth understanding of what it all means? Maybe books or other sites that explain it in detail? I am coming in to it alone and not from any rc background. 

Thanks for any advice...

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