APM 2.0 offset in flight?

I personally do not own one and am looking for a flight controller that will do what I need it to do.  First is the most important one.

Can the APM 2.0, with the flip of the flight mode switch or any switch, create an offset so it thinks it's flying level but the craft is now pitched up 15 degrees?  I have an aircraft that will be level flying at two different angles.  One will be when the APM is parallel to the ground the other is when the board is pitched up 15 degrees to the ground.

The other ones involve on the same switch getting the tail gyro into HH mode when the board is parallel to the ground and into rate mode when the APM is 15 degrees pitched up to the ground.  I basically want all of these set so when I flip my flight mode switch I can switch back and forth.  All of this should also be in attitude stabilization.  The reason for the 15 degrees is that it's an autogyro kind of.  Can these things be progamed? I have very little programming knowledge but I can learn bits and pieces if need be.  I just need to know if this can be done.

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    Yes, you can do this easily with APM and the FBW-A flight mode.  In that flight mode the pitch and roll are proportional to the RC stick position. By mixing a switch on your transmitter to the pitch stick input, you can make it so that with centered stick the mixed RC output is equivalent to pitch up stick the proper amount to give you 15 degrees up.  You can do this with no programming to APM, just using the standard code.  All you would need is a RC transmitter with an available switch that can be mixed with the elevator channel.

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