I have just updated to Ardupilot 2.60 and MP 1.2. Its all went well but the attitude indicator shows the the APM 2.0 pitching up and down (+5/-5 deg.) on its own without any movement to the APM 2.0.  I have done all the normal set-up procedures (radio cal, level).  It was not doing this previously when I had 2.50 installed!

Anyone come across this?  Any Ideas......

I was hoping to fly tomorrow but I don't think it is a good idea until I solve this problem.

Thanks for the Help!

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  • Upon further investigation I have found that when I disable my airspeed sensor the erratic pitching up/down stops.  Why does the airspeed sensor cause the attitude to change?  Looking at the status information whenever the airspeed jumps from 0 to 4-7 this is causing the horizon to pich up.   I know itis normal for the airspeed to bounce around a bit but I don't think it should cause the attitude to change.  I never did this before with 2.50 loaded on the APM.  Is there some setting I am missing to set/adjust?

  • Sometimes you get interference inside. Take it outside away from buildings and see it it’s ok.

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Aug 25