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APM 2.0 vs APM 1.4 on RTL mode


So I've  finally uploaded the 2.27 and set the APM 2.0 via the Mission Planner with the default flight modes (Manual, Stabilize and RTL). On APM 1.4 (running v2.23 with Remzibi code), when I switch to RTL while on the ground with the GPS locked, the brushless motor starts to spin already like it's already circling above my position. With the same conditions on APM 2.0, the motor does not start. Is there a failsafe mechanism on the 2.0 that prevents the motor from running while on the ground if switched to RTL? On Manual and Stabilize, the motor runs fine.

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  • Hi

    I had a similar issue.

    On ground throttle worked fine in manual and stabilised.

    However on ground throttle in auto rtl ect throttle did not open up.

    This is because the AC must be moving more than 3 mps before the throttle will open up.

    So set the throttle to the correct throws in manual and stabilised on the ground

    the throttle in auto rtl ect will not open up.

    The throttle should then operate correctly in flight.

    I hope I have understood your question and given correct advise.

  • During my flight test yesterday, the APM1.4 with code 2.27 will guide the airplane to fly lower and lower until it was switch to manual. Since the throttle channel setting is reverse in FUTABA 10C transmitter, do I also need to reverse the  throttle channel setting in MissionPlanner?

    It works ok in manual mode and stabilize mode. I have not test the AUTO mode.

  • 3D Robotics

    That safety measure is in the 2.26 and above code. It's the same for APM 1 and 2--the only reason you're seeing a difference is that you're not running the latest code on APM 1. 

    This is in the manual, BTW.

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