APM 2.5 + DJI F550

Hi all,

After having started with the DJI Wookong M, I was convinced that the APM 2.5 + would open thousands of doors to the world of UAV systems, for a fraction of the price. I immediately saw how the flexibility and compatability of the ardupilot would make this one of the world's leading products. Well done to all those who made it happen!

I currently use a DJI F550 with the stock frame, motors, ESC, etc... Mounted on it is a small Aeroxcraft Gopro gimbal with of course a Gopro.

Having searched the web for PID settings for this configuration I saw many posts with no replies. At the beginning, I have to admit that I had a few heart attacks with uncontrolable manoevres the machine made. Worst of all was the throttle control which was literally unusable. The copter flew up, and was impossible to keep still. This was a major problem in landing as you could never give the right amount of power for a so called "soft landing".

After many hours of tuning, I managed to get this bird to fly noticeably well. Not to say that it is at its best, but I am certainly happy with its behaviour. These are the current setting I use:

Arducopter V3.0.1 Hexa

Basic PID settings:

Roll/Pitch R.C.: 0.1040

Roll/Pitch R. Damp: 0.0029

Yaw Ang. R.C.: 0.2000

Throttle. Accel: 1.400

Throttle Hover: 384

I am certain that many who begin using the Arducopter would find such PID settings very useful. Could I therefore request on behalf of all those who might maybe need it, for all people with a similar setup to post the PID settings below. It would also allow for experienced pilots to optimize their flight characteristics.

On my latest flights, I switched to loiter with strange events. Once enabled, it starts making circles. These become increasingly large and aggressive up to the point of it becoming uncontrollable. When this happens it is impossible to do any imaging and it is even lethal for the copter... Did anybody else have a similar problem? It would be much appreciated for any comments and suggestions to fix this problem.

Thank You!

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  • Here below are some autotune PIDS for a totally standard F550 with the following setup:

    • DJI 2212 920kv motors
    • 8045 DJI plastic props
    • Turnigy 4S 5000mAh mounted underneath bottom plate
    • Tall landing legs

    For this config, what autotune does is basically double the Stabilize P and slightly tweak the rate PIDs from stock.  It does fly noticeably tighter than the stock PIDs but not massively different.

    3701736816?profile=originalIt's so easy to run autotune I think you'd do that to take account of your actual setup rather than use someone else's PIDs.

  • My F550 flew really well with Stock AC 3.1 PID. I didnt even need to tune the PID if i were lazy.

    If you having problem with PID setting please try AutoTune. 

  • i feel just the same. feels to me like it is some kind of secret what people have for pids. i post all my plane and copter pids on a norwegian fpv forum. what if we got started a thread where we post working pids. i am sure that it would help alot of guys getting into apm. i almost gave up on apm on copter but my job gives me a 2 weeks on and 4 weeks off rotations so i bite the bullet and tuned the hell out of different frames because i have the time to do it.. 

    maybe like this:







    batteries/cell count: 


    and attach the paramfile.

    • I've been flying my DJI F550 on the stock PIDs, no problem at all.  Of course using 'stabilise' mode.

      For the 'flying in circles' when in loiter, I want to ask, did you mount a APM 2.5+ in between the top and bottom boards of the F550?  I made that mistake at first.  It's way too close to the power distribution, and it messes up the compass, causing loss of stability in any GPS mode.  You have to either mount the APM 2.5+ well above the top board, or use an APM 2.6 where the compass module is in the 3DR GPS module, and mount that well above the top board.

      I have one of those funny Youtube videos of a crash when I mounted the APM2.5+ wrong as mentioned above.

      Best, RG

  • Hello Dominique,

    I made exactly the same experience. Now,after 30 testflights during more than 3 hours, I can hoover and I have the couriage to moove a Little bit left and right etc. Compared with Wookong M a huge difference in stability.

    Mode Alt Hold is already a great succes when it stays within 2 m.

    My Setup: F550, Motors AXI 2217/20 840 kV, Akku 4S 5000mAh, Total weight 2000 gr

    Here my Params:

    Stabilize Roll/Pitch P= 3.5, Rate Roll/Pitch P=0.1  I=0.0   D=0.004, Throttle Accel P=0.5  I=1.0  D=0.0

    Throttle Rate P=3.0 D=0.0  AltHold 2.0

    Loiter Speed 0.8

    Throttle hoover =300 (min)

    The Rest are Default.

    But as I did, I am not satisfied. I already wanted to replace APM by NAZA Light but a Internet friend motivied me to continue

    So I'm still testing Parameters. Vibrations 3%

    You are right, a lot of funny hoover Quality Videos on youfube, but no usable values.

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