My APM 2.5+ won't connect on the 3DR radios or USB. For the past few days, I've noticed the HUD starting to twitch (+/-3 degrees) when the plane is sitting still. Today at the field, I had trouble getting a GPS lock (which has never happened- I have a uBlox). When I recycled power, APM stopped outputting MAVlink packets and wouldn't connect on USB (or show up in the device manager). The LED behavior is correct. 

I wonder if maybe it's a power issue. However, I use the 3DR power management board, the jumper is pulled, and I power servos with the ESC/BEC. 

I have also been testing some electronics on the plane, completely separate from APM but next to it. It was a network megapixel camera, a beagle bone, and a mini network switch. Is there any chance that electromagnetic interference may have caused my board to malfunction? I used Tetracam next to APM a while back and had definite GPS interference problems.  

Oh, and any chance it could be electro-static discharge?

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You can wire the 3 DR modem through the UART0 on the APM 2.5 to see if you can get back the connection to MP. You might have blown the fuse or damaged D4. I have seen this many times and wiring up to UART0 has worked to recover communication again. If it does work then you should do further checks on the zenner and fuse check the schematics and or give me a pm and I can walk you through it.

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