Hello, I am currently using Naza with GPS and would like to switch to the APM and ublox gps.

My question is will I need anything else to fly the copter autonomously with waypoints ?

I have no need for OSD but do wish to fly it to waypoints.

Thanks for your help

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No, APM 2.5+ is all you need. If you want to add wireless telemetry (useful, but not essential) go for this kit: US,Europe. All the software is free. 

So just the Apm and the gps module is all I need?

I do not have interest in the telemetry

How about the waypoint programming, I assume it is done thru a laptop then somehow it is stored in the unit.

Sounds like this is far better than my Naza setup

Yep, that's all you need. Yes, you program waypoints on your laptop with the Mission Planner. You can see how in the manual here. You can download the Mission Planner to see how it works now, even before you have the board. 

Very kool, thank you

So you plan your mission and upload it into the controller?

Seems rather easy, I found my Naza very user friendly to program but it lacks the features this has

I went to the download page, downloaded what I believe to be the correct one

Yes, just point and click to add waypoints, then select Upload. Done!

As for the download, just choose the latest one

very kool I am still trying to find my location on the Google Map

Sorry for all the First Grade questions, you have been very helpful

Chris how difficult is it to connect the apm to my laptop for configuration?

To setup waypoints would it be necessary to take the laptop to the flight location or can it be done at home ahead of time then once at the site commence the flight ?

Hey Mark,

Check out this page: http://code.google.com/p/arducopter/wiki/AC2_Waypoints

You can plan a mission in advance or, if you can fly the mission manually first at the field, you can toggle a channel on your radio to store waypoints to replay in auto mode.

You just plug it in via a USB cable. Yes, you can program your mission at home, before you go to the field. 

Wow very kool, looks like the Naza is going on the shelf.

I have many more questions like how do you set your home position and alt but I will save them til I have the unit installed.

Going to order one up tomorrow, thanks for the jump start

Chris as I spend more time on the site I am a bit frightened of the tuning process.

Perhaps I am jumping the panic button, is the tuning process as tough as it seems?

Do all the values have to be adjusted ? The P, I and imax

Mark, the default settings are optimized for the 3DR quad and hexa. If that (or something like that, such as the Jdrones or DJI Flamewheel-style copters) is what you're using, you shouldn't have to do any tuning at all. 

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