Hi my APM 2.5 arrived today and I have just fitted to a new build frame, loaded new 2.7.3 and all running fine with the usb but when I try and power the board from the esc's I get the blue light flash 2 times then amber once then nothing.

If i connect the usb to the board with the battery connected all is ok and the board boot's up and then I can arm.

If i then unplug the usb with the battery still attached it remains in boot mod and I can arm.

there is a jumper on J1 I have checked and the board was fully assembled one

can some one please assist in this problem

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NO one??


well got the same reply from 3DR emailed on 08/09/12 and no reply SO much for support :-(

If supplying 5V (typical BEC found on ESC) on the RC input the J1 should be open (i.e. no jumper).


Hum are you sure this is the same for the APM 2.5 ??? I will try and let you know as I am sure I read some were on here it had to be closed ?

Hi Just tried it and it needs the jumper on J1 to boot and still same thing 2 blue flash's and then 1 amber NO blinking red............

Here's my thought process, if it boots fine when powered from USB but not from the ESC it might be getting insufficient voltage. If using the inputs rail to power the APM with the J1 open the board will get slightly higher voltage compared to going through the outputs rail (the default, with J1 closed). This is all assuming the BEC is putting out 5V (which you might want to double check). If that doesn't get you anywhere hopefully someone else will have something more to go on.

Hi Luke, yes I get what you are saying :-) I have now got my APM 2 working on this setup no problem so I dont think it is the bec I think this is the board as when I connect battery and powering from the outputs rail I blue light flash 2 times then amber once then nothing NO red light.

So my thinking is if my setup is working on the APM2 OK but try the APM 2.5 and nothing then it must be a bad board?? as the APM 2 and APM 2.5 are supposed to be the same just the new plugs are different....

I just got my 2.5 and set it up for my quad copter. Everything works fine except when I try and boot it up from battery. I have the exact same problem. I have a 2 story house and I would set it up via the USB, unplug everything and go out in the yard and it would not boot up properly. Huh? Then I would go back upstairs and everything works fine. If I boot it up with the USB and take it outside without disconnecting the battery it works fine. You are not alone. I read somewhere that it is a known problem that they are working on. I would think this would present a big problem using RTL. Would it crash into my house trying to get to the boot site or is there a way to get it to find a new home location. What would happen if it did the disarm motors for 15 seconds to get a new level would it also pick up that as a new home location? A temp work around is using a laptop outdoors every time you want to fly but I would guess everyone can't do that.

Hi Michael,

Sorry to here you are having the same problem as me!!! YES its not practical to be carrying your laptop all the time you want to fly :-(

I have not read that this is a problem but I would contact 3DR directly for some support if you can get them to reply that is!!!

I have a replacement board on its way to me I believe, I will post my findings on the new one when it arrives. I hope you get yours resolved soon.

i have exactly the same problem with a brand new apm 2.5 ....

Curious, do either of you change the elevation from where you set it up on the computer to where you take it to fly and find it doesn't boot correctly? I fly downstairs from where I set it up. Just looking for a clue.

Hi Michael,

sorry cant help you I sent my APM 2.5 back and replacement is on its way to me now!! I hope it will arrive soon :-)

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