• This file is a NEO-6 version of 3DR-Ublox.txt

    It was configured from scratch on a stock u-blox NEO-6M GPS, so shouldn't cause the errors seen using the 3DR LEA-6 version.

    Like the original, it enables only the features needed by ArduPilot (Mega) / MegaPirate (NG) etc, minimising the overhead of both sending unused messages to, and processing them on, your flight controller.

    Key settings:

    • Protocol set to ublox (binary)
    • NMEA child messages disabled
    • UBX >CFG > SBAS : disabled
    • Measurement Period to 100ms (this gives a 10 Hz position update)
    • Filter to pedestrian (for more stable hover)
    • Baud rate is 38,400 (for compatibility with the default settings of most controllers). You can change this after applying the configuration if you prefer.

    I recommend enabling "Autobauding" on the "Receiver" menu in u-center, as this will switch baud in u-center if your GPS is not currently set to 38,400 and it changes during uploading of the configuration.

    Apply this configuration file with "Tools > GPS Configuration" in u-center, set retries to 2 (to let autobauding catch up), and select File >> GPS. Then "Receiver > Action" and click "Save Config" to commit it.

    If you ever want to reset to the default configuration (perhaps to use with a flight controller that doesn't support the ublox protocol), click on the "View > Configuration View" menu, click "CFG (Configuration)", Select "Revert to default configuration", then click "Send".

    ref to the original


    • @Chris Wilson

      Trying to apply similar concept to the NEO-M8N.

      Thank you for this but in u-center there is no GPS Configuration. (See attached picture).

      From the View -> Configuration view [Ctrl] [F9] it is possible to modify parameters and then send them to the GPS.

      Perhaps if you would be so kind to indicate the items you set up that would be great.

      Thank you in advance.



  • This is the correct file for the neo6 sets proper baud refresh and to 10hz update etc etc



  • Regarding the NEO-6M....

    I used the SparkFun FTDI Programmer and took the +5V right from the USB to power the GPS and it programmed fine with 3DR.txt.

    No problems, no issues, worked immediately.

    I also have the 3DR LEA-6, that worked OOTB.

  • Developer

    Check out our jDrones ArduCopter/Plane/Rover specific GPS devices. Those will work directly ouf from box and they are really good. I posted blog about those here in DIYDrones few weeks ago. Link is above.


    These are direct replacements for jD/3DR MediaTEK and other GPS modules for all ArduCopter/Plane/Rover use. No need to play with settings, create custom cable harnesses, mounts etc. 


     You can use them directly with APM1.4 - 2.5

  • I have been running APM 2.5 with NEO-6M using arduplane 2.65 and arducopter 2.81 with no problem just upgraded Firmware  to Arduplabe 2.70 and Arducopter 2.91 now neither boards are working with NEO 6M, does anybody know what is changed ?


  • The LEA-6H($75.99) vs NEO-6M($28)

    The real difference is that the LEA-GH has the ability to :

    -upgrade the Firmware (won't use it as you don't want Galileo/GloNass)

    -receive data from Galileo(EUROPE) and GloNass(RUSSIA) Satellites with upgraded firmware

    -a TCXO Crystal which allows accelerated weak signal acquisition, enabling faster start and reacquisition times

    -1dBm more sensitive in Tracking/Cold Starts/Hot Starts

    other than that.. not really much...  If you live in North America,  GPS is better for you than Galileo/GloNass, the TCXO performance is generally considerably better than that of a normal crystal oscillator. Figures within the range

    1 to 5 ppm are often achieved (probably not noticeable to us...) and finally... does the 1dBm really make a difference, is anyone noticing it... 

    I personal bought the NEO-6 and testing... no field testing yet... but have done my book research.  

    all the best!

  • He i recently (two days ago) got the gps working with the ardumega, by default it will work with the ardu mega, and it is very easy to reprogram in u-center

  • hello,

    Anyone know how to connect the GPS to the APM??? sku-14983-0-600x600.jpg

    Because I found that red is the GND! But the others I do not know

    Thank you in advance for your help


  • i have received this one from HK

    but when i try to upload th 3DR txt from ucenter i obtain

    "Corupted configuration file in line 5:1. Unable to store configuration to GPS receiver"

    ANy idea on how to solve it ?

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