I just got the APM 2.5 and built a H quad like the guys on Flitetest.  I finally got it to get off the ground but it constantly wobbles from side to side and is very unstable.  Why is this? 

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Here is a pic.


If you're not flying a stock configuration (like the 3DR quads or hexas) you're going to need to tune, as you would with any flight controller. A tuning guide is in the manual

what causes it to wobble.

Your Rate_Roll P term is too high

How do i reset the numbers to default?  So i can start from scratch.

CLI: Setup/Reset. 

In the manual here.

Awesome.  Thanks for the help.  I had to lower the P down to 0.06  Finaly stable :)  but now its dark out so i cant give it a real test lol :(

I love all the broken props laying on the table.

Thanks, this saved me a lot of time to get rid of the wobble in my quad.

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