APM 2.6 Arducopter 3.1.1 Camera Gimbal Problems

hello All


I have a Small FPV Gimbal, if it even qualifies to that term, http://www.ebay.com/itm/270980186249?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649


that is run by 2 HXT 500 servos. All Control is thru the Turnigy 9XR transmitter to the APM 2.6 A10,A11 spots on the FC. In Mission Planner i set the Tilt to -90 to 90 yet i can only get about a 30-40 degree motion with it? how can i fix that? it should be able to at least do 90 Degrees (180 degree range) . this has a very small Boscam HD camera on it.


In conjunction with this, i am also trying to get my head tracking to work in my Skyzone Goggles but that doesnt seem to work with either the futaba cable or the JR cable. This 9XR previously was used in a simulator, i think the software added a model2 for that. i mention it because i am unsure of that might be why the camera doesnt move with head tracking.


thanks in dvance

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  • Thor. Can you show me how you connect the apm ? I am installing a BTC88R gimbal on the apm 2.6. The tilt is working perfectly but not the pan. Can you help ?

    • Thanks for your prompt reply. That's exactly what I did but the pan is not reacting. Tilt is moving both ways as tilt and pan ??? Tilt is set min angle 12 max angle 90. Pan min angle -180 max 180. It is impossible to set up pan value in mp.
      • also i couldnt get full 90 degrees off the motors, thats why i switched to another gimbal

        • Dear Thor. I thank you very much for your advices. Everything is working perfectly. The drone will go these week to a wind tunnel to confirm and improve performances and will be presented at Le Bourget Air Show in few months.


          • For your info the drone Guardian Eye is manufactured in full composite made in Belgium.

            • 3702873855?profile=original

              • that looks awesome!! glad i could help!!

                • Dear Thor. Have you an idea how I can set the zoom control as CH6 & Ch7 are not available anymore ? Also how can I use the zoom control from the Mission Planner ?

                  • this is do not know, i dont recall any control to zoom. might ask some others or look thru the forum

      • i believe you have to set the Roll for the PAN, its been a while but i remember i used the first two gimbal options and not the first and third options. your dropdown should be set to CH11 and CH10 and they should connect from Ch 6 and 7. i think the wiki has this explained

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