APM 2.6 - GPS issues

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction… no pun intended.

Done all the calibrations, have a good GPS lock, etc, etc, etc. When I go into loiter mode it wants to start to bank left and slowly fly off.  Sometimes it even does weird things with the throttle like drop the RPM’s drastically. 

What am I doing wrong?




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                  • I remember seeing in the past when peeps have the vcc issue it was because of a wrong diode or resistor and what they did was remove the 2 power leads from the power module to the apm and instead use a 5v/6v low noise ubec and set it to 6v which then gets lowered by the apm down to the 5v everything else needs.

                    Just make sure it reads no more than 5,25v else it can cause issues to sensors and or things like OSDs. I am betting when you get the VCC issue resolved and re-calibrate your mag then most of your other issues will go away.

                    Though praying to the flight gods and sprinkling some pixie dust won't hurt :)

        • Maybe that's my problem. I'm not using the power module, I have the jumper on and I'm powering everything from the ESC's.

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