APM 2.6 on CRI-CRI

Good Evening at All,

I'm a beginer on this sys but I flow rc airplane and hely for several years.

I have installed APM 2.6 on cri-cri 33% from hobby king.


I've done a flight in manual and trim it, fly very well.

Try to switch to FBWA and the model pitch down immediatly.

I did new ACC calibration with a spacer under nose wheel. Works better but at the end I set TRIM_PITCH_CD to 1000 and now fly straight.

In manual is very responsible but in FBWA I feel it like very heavy and without good response on pitch and roll.

I've increased Roll/pith limit to 75°, speed to 110 °/sec, was better but in a continuous turn (with constat and low bank) the sys try to level the wing comtinously.

After that I rised the time of response of accelometer but still not right.

Any idea for the setting?

I attach a log of last flight and my configuration.

Last question  regarding positionig of external compass (not integrated with gps).


On one side (flat without chip) ther's an arrow with fwd. I attach double  self adesive tape on this side and fix to structure with arrow to nose.

Now on the top thers a chips, connector to left side and a draw with X arrow pointing to left and Y to tail.

If I look the draw I thing that both, X &Y are not in correct direction.

See photo (APM is a black box with a white  washer on support and is in  fwd direction , then ther's a mag sensor .

At the moment I dont know how positioning it (if arrow with fwd on top and not under the tape ), or set X to fwd, Y to RH.

How Can I check the correct version (I see the option for change data due different position of sensor)

PLS Help me.



2013-09-10 16-40-51.tlog



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