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Flown Eagle tree system for a year just switched to APM2.5



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Andrew Brown replied to sky eye's discussion Motor keeps turning
"Have you turned the loging on and see what is happening with your RC inputs?

That might help you track down the issue"
Sep 25, 2013
Andrew Brown replied to Jared Reabow's discussion Elevator servo twitches 3 times then gimble starts working.
"Not an expert but think this is perfectly normal.

I believe the elevator 3 twitch is the way APM signals that the initialisation process is complete and its now ready for use."
Sep 22, 2013
Andrew Brown replied to marco's discussion APM 2.6 on CRI-CRI
"Also ensure you have followed the tuning guide to set up you PID settings.


Tune the Roll, Pitch (and optionally yaw) controllers following the tuning guide http://plane.ardupilot.com/wiki/roll-pitch-controller-tuning/
Tune the height…"
Sep 13, 2013
Andrew Brown replied to x-air71's discussion PID settings for HK FPV (arduplane)
"I tried to use this airframe, but it was terrible... 

APM default settings are a good starting point, but i found even with a decent motor and 4s battery, this plane was under powered. Its heavy even before you start loading it up with gear.

Sep 9, 2013
Andrew Brown replied to Andrew Brown's discussion Strange auto arming after reinstalling APM 2.4b arduplane
"Oops, my mistake i meant Version 2.74b!!

I just reloaded arducopter, and the arming works as expected.

Reloaded arduplane, same thing!

Very frustrating..

Has anyone switched from arducopter to arduplane without any problems?

Im now at a loss as…"
Aug 8, 2013
Andrew Brown replied to Andrew Brown's discussion Strange auto arming after reinstalling APM 2.4b arduplane
"Just to follow this up.
I have done an erase, reset, reinstall of MP, updated firmware.

Run radio calibration, level and compass, all pass as expected.

But im still getting a solid B LED, and  A LED but no C (red) LED and as soon as MP connects…"
Aug 6, 2013
Andrew Brown posted a discussion
Hi all,Wonder if anyone can help shed some light on whats happening here.Just built my 2nd arduplane (also have 3 quad builds under my belt now) but having some very strange behaviour.Changed the APM2.5 board from a quad to a plane and just about to…
Aug 5, 2013
Andrew Brown commented on Riccardo Kuebler's blog post FunCub
"Did you ever get this funcub working with APM?

Ive just bought a funcub and want to install APM in it "
Jul 26, 2013
Andrew Brown replied to Wesley Versfeld's discussion AC3.0.1b horrific damage
"Can you download your Wife's LOG files...
Without them its very difficult to see what mode she was in when the damage occurred...

Maybe she breached the GeoFence and entered RTL...?

(sorry trying to make light of situation..But hope you can repair)"
Jul 24, 2013
Andrew Brown replied to Trent at MyGeekShow's discussion Continue Mission on Signal Loss? in ArduPlane User Group
"Just to add my 2 pence worth when it comes to testing failsafes.

Its one thing to turn off your Tx when on the ground testing but I would never to this with a model in the air. APM or not!

The way I test Tx Failsafe is to set the end point of my…"
Jul 23, 2013
Andrew Brown replied to Tom Rieckhoff's discussion Trouble with MinimOSD, Have video but no overlay?
"Hi all, Been reading through this and various other posts..

I have a slightly different but just as frustrating problem with minimosd and 3dr radio set up.

1. If i connect just the 3dr, i get mavlink values through to MP no problem.
2. If i…"
Jul 2, 2013
Andrew Brown replied to pyrosamz's discussion firmware 3.0 simply will not install, very lost right now! HELP!
"Uninstall Mission planner from your computer. 

Reboot and then install the latest version.

I had this same problem with update from within mission planner, doing a clean install worked for me."
Jun 28, 2013
Andrew Brown replied to Roman's discussion hardware or software failure?
"Just looking should the hdop ever be 0.0??? I can see 10 sat and a 3d fix reported...."
Jun 6, 2013
Andrew Brown replied to Dean's discussion Hexacopter crash. Please help!'
"Correct me if im wrong, but if your APM is tuned running off a 3S Lipo for all the PIDS and then you plug in a 4s, its going to be much higher powered and will require FULL tuning before flight.

I certainly know that the 1 time i tried switching…"
Jun 6, 2013
Andrew Brown posted a discussion
I just wanted to post a "thank you and well done" to everyone who actively participates on this forum.I am still a noob but now have my second quad (yes the first one went to meet its maker, but due to hardware failure i might add;o)Which is flying…
May 30, 2013
Andrew Brown commented on Kevin Hester's blog post Droneshare now warns about suspect parameter values
"This could become a great way of sharing PID settings..
Think its a great start, next step should be to show the value ranges where a parameter is outside it..

i.e. LOITER_LON_D my value is 0.015 which showed up in red.. but why, it is too high,…"
May 28, 2013