Ok will someone please tell me whats going on, when i power on the gimble doesnt work which i understand it needs to initialize but it can take up to 30 seconds for the gimble to start working and ust before the elevator servo twitches 3 times.

Can someone explain what is going on please?

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  • yes i have flon, nothing is reversed

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    If there's any movement of the APM the gyro initialization process takes longer and may not complete if there is lots of movement, so it must be kept completely still while booting.The gimbal won't work until the APM has booted completely.

    The twitches are a remnant of code from the original Ardupilot Legacy which were used to indicate the APL was initializing and that the servo's were working, aileron and elevator used to cycle 3 times.

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    Have you flown this bird? It sounds like your aileron and elevator is mixed up. The ailerons are supposed to twitch to announce when calibration is taking place and finished. The gimbal will not work until that process is complete. Make sure the airplane is still while the process takes place.
  • Not an expert but think this is perfectly normal.

    I believe the elevator 3 twitch is the way APM signals that the initialisation process is complete and its now ready for use.

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