Hi all,

Wonder if anyone can help shed some light on whats happening here.

Just built my 2nd arduplane (also have 3 quad builds under my belt now) but having some very strange behaviour.

Changed the APM2.5 board from a quad to a plane and just about to finish the build. Did a eprom erase and reset before loading latest v2.4b plane onto the board. Wired up Rx and servos as usual. BEC powering the APM and ESC powering the servos.

However, when I power up the board, i get all 3 ABC lights come on,

A and C flash as expected .

Then get a solid blue when GPS locks.

B (yellow is on constantly)

C (red never lights up)

Via telemetry radio , I can connect but it instantly arms. raise throttle and motor spins.

The rest seems to be working as you would expect, but I cant disarm and no idea why its automatically arming.

Am i missing something very easy here??

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  • There is no arming in ArduPlane. Everything you see is normal.

    Regards Soren

  • Oops, my mistake i meant Version 2.74b!!

    I just reloaded arducopter, and the arming works as expected.

    Reloaded arduplane, same thing!

    Very frustrating..

    Has anyone switched from arducopter to arduplane without any problems?

    Im now at a loss as to what to check....

    Think i have eliminated hardware issues with UBEC, RX, etc...

    Also just run HITL simuator on arudplane and works fine, so only problem is the apm is arming itself and cant disarm.

    It wont accept disarm from MP either.

    Anyone??? ANY suggestion??

    Desperate arudplane user.... 

  • Just to follow this up.

    I have done an erase, reset, reinstall of MP, updated firmware.

    Run radio calibration, level and compass, all pass as expected.

    But im still getting a solid B LED, and  A LED but no C (red) LED and as soon as MP connects (usb or 3dr radio) the apm arms itself.

    Everything seems to work otherwise, im getting good data over radio link, radio link good, servos moving as expects from TX and in stablised mode..

    Just cant work out what is going on with not being able to disarm.

    Any help would be appreciated. Im kinda stuck as to what to try next!??

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