Hey guys, can anybody help me solve this problem I'm having? here's a short video on what's happening with my APM 2.6

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Did you load firmware. Have you calibrated the unit.

Hi Dave!

Yes latest forward has been installed and I've done the wizard process, but as soon as I turn my dx8 the apm starts blinking orange... I'm even able to calibrate my radio through mission planer... Don't know what's going on :(
Does anything show up in mission planner
Hi again Dave!
I'm not sure, like I said I'm able to load the firmware and go through the calibration process except for the arm part and can't do esc calibration either, once that orange light comes on I can't do anything else...
If you go to the radio screen do you see the controls moving
Yes, I'm able to calibrate the radio even tho the light's blinking... All Chanel's look good when doing radio calibration as well as results
Are you sure your throttle or rudder channel does not need reversing.
Remember always have the props OFF when doing this. Open the messages part of the console on the flight data screen. Watch the messages on that screen and try arming
Dave, yes throttle is good, but yaw it's reversed as well as rudder need to b reversed form radio, but this is how it was before and I was able to arm and even calibrate my esc's. The difference was before I didn't had that orange light flashing
I tried to arm but it won't let me, screen doesn't change just says: "disarm"
Are you looking in the message screen. Also make sure you have it set for stabilize to arm it. You should here the computer changing mods as you move the switch. It also wont arm unless you have a gps lock and the mag is calibrated. Make sure you are holding it 5 seconds to the bottom right when you arm.
Hi Dave! Ok compass and gps locked, I'm starting on stabilized mode as we'll and trying to arm holding throttle to the right (mode 2) for 5 seconds... As long as the orange light blinks I can't arm... About the message screen... I'm not sure if I'm looking at the right screen

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