APM 2.6 using ar.drone drivers and motors

I been reading a lot about how crappy is the ar.drone, but at the moment I have one and I have an APM 2.6. While my proper UAV gets to the country (that will take about 2 months) I can can work on getting used to the APM software side.


My current problem lies on getting the ardrone motors to spin when I connect them to the APM, I found the conector pinout is this:


Pin 1 Battery 11.4V
Pin 2 VCC 5V (ATMega8a VCC Pin4+5)
Pin 3 TX+RX (ATmega8a Pin30+31)
Pin 4 IRQ to main board (ATmega8a PC3 Pin26)
Pin 5 GND

Pin 1 Red
Pin 2 White
Pin 3 Motor1=Yellow,M2=Orange,M3=Blue,M4=Green
Pin 4 Motor1=Purple,M2=Gray,M3=Brown,M4=Pink
Pin 5 Black

With no success I did this:

Pin 1: directly to the battery
Pin 2: APM out 1 Positive pin
Pin 3: APM out 1 "S" pin
Pin 4: Not connected
Pin 5: APM out 1 Negative pin

It did not work but it did not blow the driver either.

Any help will be much appreciated.



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    This won't work as is. The ArDrone seems to have a protocol that sends a control string that embeds the speed required as a serial binary stream, containg the motor speed and LED status on/off/red/green. The output from the APM is PWM signal as required by a RC ESC (electronics speed controller). You will need to rewrite part of the APM FW to output this new speed controller protocol for it to work.

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