So, I am currently using an APM 2.6 (it is actually supposed to be the 2.8 version but I am not sure of the difference if there is any) and have been considering the APM Mini MEGA 3.1, for the obvious size difference, but have seen mixed reviews on the smaller form factor and am wondering what are the other benefits to the 3.1. Are there any things I need to be wary of? Are there functionality improvements or is it basically the same board in a smaller form factor?? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Will edit with current configuration setup in a few:

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  • Current Quad:

    Daya Alien 550
    MarsPower MX4108 380KV motors
    2-4S 40Amp SimonK firmware ESC's (replacing one out with T-Motor 40Amp 2-6S ESC as the origional was bad)
    5A UBEC
    APM2.8 and UBlox 8N GPS/Compas Module
    FLYSKY I10 Transmitter with 10CH reciever
    Turnigy 4S 5.0 5000mah battery

    • How did you setup the APM to the flysky i10 receiver?

      i did:

      Flysky 1 to apm 1

      Flysky 2 to apm 2

      Flysky 3 to amp 3

      Flysky 4 to amp 4

      Flysky 5 to apm 5

      Flysky 6 to amp 6

      Flysky 7 to apm 7

      Flysky 8 to apm 8

      Now in missionplanner / radio calibration my channel 3 (throttlel) and channel 5 (flightmodes) arent responding.

      Al my cables are brand new and the are tight in their conmectors. 

      Anny ideas? 

      • Mine is set up almost exactly the same way...

        FLYSKY 1 to AMP 1

        FLYSKY 2 to APM 2

        FLYSKY 3 to APM 3

        FLYSKY 4 to APM 4

        FLYSKY 5 to APM 6

        FLYSKY 6 to APM 5

        [Cris crossed CH 5 and 6 because I wanted to user radio CH 5 for raising gear... personal preference as this radio is so customizable]

        FLYSKY 7 to APM 7

        FLYSKY 8 to APM 8

        That being said.... I found the APM servo lead connector slots on (assuming you have your APM in an enclosure) to be very tight... I used only 4 servo wires. The 1st wire went to CH 1. The second wire went across signal wires 2 through 4 since all you are required to connect are the signal wires once you have provided power to the receiver. Servo wire 3 connects the signal wires for CH 5 through 7 with 5 and 6 appropriately crossed, and I connected CH 8 normally as I only needed that last CH connected. This helped with space and cut the number of servo wires in half which conserves space also. 

        Check you servo wires to be sure that you haven't flipped the wires for 3 and 5 as this would cause those channels to not function at all and might damage your APM/receiver. 

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