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I'd like to learn more about the building and flying of a UAV. Especially aerial photography is of my interested. Because I’ve no experience at all I joint this and other community to read more about the different aspects like telemetry, OSD, antenna’s and so on. I realize now it’s a complicated matter where mistakes can cost a lot of money. That said I have ordered most materials to build my first UAV. A DJI F550 with APM telemetry and OSD.



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Erik-Victor Bos posted discussions
May 9, 2015
Erik-Victor Bos replied to Erik-Victor Bos's discussion Cant upload firmware to APM with MP
Re-instaled mission planner. Did not do the mission planner update. I can now connect with the APM. After updating I get the strange error again."
May 9, 2015
Erik-Victor Bos replied to JF Kerekes's discussion APM 2.6 vs APM Mini Mega 3.1: What are the benefits asside from the obvious formfactor(size) difference?
"How did you setup the APM to the flysky i10 receiver?
i did:
Flysky 1 to apm 1
Flysky 2 to apm 2
Flysky 3 to amp 3
Flysky 4 to amp 4
Flysky 5 to apm 5
Flysky 6 to amp 6
Flysky 7 to apm 7
Flysky 8 to apm 8

Now in missionplanner / radio calibration…"
May 9, 2015