This may be a neewb question but its been driving me crazy, For the last two weeks I've been building a TBS F450'ish quad and I finally got it all put together. I programmed it with the latest software, Calibrated the gyro and compass. Also calibrated the turnigy plush 40 AMP ESC, with T-Motors. I have checked the direction of the motors and also have the correct push/pull props on the motors. 

-So the problem, is that when I go to fly in stabilize (or any other mode for that matter) mode the copter just flips over. (HARD!)

-I can hold it to feel what motors spin up when I rotate it but it feels sporadic (Like no pattern)

Just for more info, im using

  • 3Drobotists PDB (Power Distribution Board)
  • T-Motors
  • Turnigy Plush 40 Amp. ESC
  • Spectrum DX8 and AR8000
  • APM 2.6 With 3DR uBlox

  Thank You

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you could have your apm output connectors mixed up maybe? thats made my quad flip on take off!

I thought so but because I'm using the 3DR PDB wouldnt it be impossible or do you think they could of soldered it? When I connect the apm to the terminal in Mission Planner and run the test "Motors" they spin up in CCW sequence is that the correct should they spin right to left? Thank you for the help.

Do you have your quad configured in a + configuration or an X configuration?

Probably the most common reasons a quad flips would be:

1. motors or props spinning wrong way

2. quad is setup in a + configuration instead of an X configuration (or vice versa)

3. accidentally load up the hex firmware instead of the quad firmware

4. tweaked one of the PID's outside its normal range

That list excludes the possibility of a bad motor or esc though.


Its a X config. and I figured it out the PDB is wired for an + config so I rewired it and now it takes off very unstable but it takes off none the less. now my problem is that the Motors keep beeping every half second the AMP will say armed but the motors will beep and nothing will happen

I don't know then answer to that one but searching online a few folks mention that it could be a throttle trim problem.  Did you do a radio configuration?  Is the throttle trim all the way down?


Sounds like you ESCs might not be programmed correctly what do they do if you just connect them individually to the receiver forgetting the APM all together.

What do you mean by you rewired the PDB?

Figured it out thank you for all of your help. So I thought that the PDB would be wired correctly (for X quads) when it arrived but... It isn't. Motors three and four were reversed (I later checked the PCB and it is labeled I correctly) but if you want to place your PDB in the middle at a 45 degree left angel and plug ESCs in you MUST switch motor signal three and four. Now for the problem with the ESC beeping, When I calibrated the remote on the APM it changed throttle points and the ESCs were getting a high PWM signal (to high to ARM). To fix this I re-calibrated the ESCs. Now it flys but because of all the newbie crashes on the ""carbon fiber"" props they are very very very out of balance (like chunks are missing). I ordered some cheaper slow fly props and they will be here tomorrow then I can tell you'all if it works. I also ordered some 5MM bolt on prop adapter for the MT2216 Tiger motors because I believe that one is slightly bent.

Great news! Glad you got it sorted! : )

It works! and wonderfully some more balancing of props and it will be set, Thank You.

I am having the same problem

How did you resolve this? What does x config for a pdb mean??

please help...I am new to this

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