APM 2 with RVOSD Current sensor?


I was curious how to interface with the RVOSD current sensor. It puts out 12 volts and I dont know how that would work with the APM 2. Im pretty sure the signal is analog but I dont know the signals voltage range(0-3.3v or 0-5v or 0-12v ?) and Im unsure how to test it since its voltage is 12v and the APM is 5v. Im pretty sure the sensor would fry the board. I cant seem to find any specs on the sensor. Has anyone tried this before?



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  • I know this is an old post but I was thinking if you knew for sure that the output was proportional and was no greater than 12 volts, just a couple of high-value resistors would work for example

    +   ------------ 70k resistor--------------  +

    12 Vsensor           |                        5 volt sensor input

    output                50k resistor

    -   ---------------------------------------------  -

    Vout= 50/(50+70)*12V 

    this wouldn't fry your input.

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Aug 25