APM2.x External Led & Buzzer Modules
Direct PnP to the APM

Measures 53.5mm x 19.1mm (2.1" x .7")
Active 5v Buzzer to provide armed/disarmed Status and low battery warnings

10mm Super bright Leds to externally display gps and armed/disarmed status

8" wire leads or without leads available

4 x M3 mounting holes (small zip ties work)

Easy to configure Connect to pins A5,A6 & A7 on the APM2.5
and set Full Parameters in mission planner "LED_MODE" to a value of "11"


1 for $19 Shipped to USA/Canada ($6 extra for overseas shipping)
2 for $35 Shipped to USA/Canada ($5 extra for overseas shipping)
3 for $50 Shipped to USA/Canada ($5 extra for overseas shipping)


Demonstration in daylight



Instructions on connections


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I want one, no two, pretty much sold on the PnP looks like an easy install.  How exactly do I order a couple?

I will pm you the info

also interested.


pm'ed you Joe Thanks

They got here yesterday -  Looks great and works as expected.

Thanks for the fast turnaround.


Great to hear Joe Thanks


Will they work on the 2.6 and the Pixhawk?

Yes for the apm 2.6 ,if the pixhawk has external connections for pins a6 a7 a8 for the code to support led outputs then yes (may require changing connectors)


I am also interested, can you PM me on how to get one?



Led buzzer Module - Customer Build

How can I buy one (or two) ?  

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