APM 2.X Led Buzzer Modules

APM2.x External Led & Buzzer Modules
Direct PnP to the APM


Measures 53.5mm x 19.1mm (2.1" x .7")
Active 5v Buzzer to provide armed/disarmed Status and low battery warnings

10mm Super bright Leds to externally display gps and armed/disarmed status

8" wire leads or without leads available

4 x M3 mounting holes (small zip ties work)

Easy to configure Connect to pins A5,A6 & A7 on the APM2.5
and set Full Parameters in mission planner "LED_MODE" to a value of "11"



1 for $19 Shipped to USA/Canada ($6 extra for overseas shipping)
2 for $35 Shipped to USA/Canada ($5 extra for overseas shipping)
3 for $50 Shipped to USA/Canada ($5 extra for overseas shipping)


Demonstration in daylight



Instructions on connections



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  • Charles, I would like to purchase 3 LED Buzzer Modules for my Quad Copter with APM Flight Module.

    I am in Cairns QLD Australia. Please advise process to Pay for Supply and delivery.





    • Sent you an email Jim Thanks

      • Hey Charles, some time ago my LED's quit working properly, and that may have been when I swapped out my APM to another machine and forgot to change the Led_Mode.  In any case I am trying to get it working properly again but in the latest mission planner and AC3.2 RC14 does not appear to have the LED_MODE bitmask in the parameters. Do you know if its gone? Did they change the name? I would like to get it working again, hope you have some tips.


        • just updated too spent the last 40 minutes looking for it, ill look into this issue further

          might take some questions to the devs whether it can be setup in console or set during a manual compile in arduino, and or if its possible to have it added back as an option

          • For AC3.1.5, the pinout of the APM is as follows:

            • A4 : AUX led
            • A5 : Beeper – can drive a piezo buzzer directly (see below)
            • A6 : GPS – will flash with no GPS lock, solid with GPS lock
            • A7 ~ A11 : Motor LEDs

            Which LEDs are active and when they blink is somewhat configurable through the LED_MODE parameter which can be set from the Mission Planner’s CONFIG/TUNING > Standard Params > Copter LED Mode drop down.

            For AC3.2, the LED_MODE parameter is removed but all the following reduced set of pins are always active:

            • A4 : Motor LED
            • A5 : Beeper – can drive a piezo buzzer directly (see below)
            • A6 : GPS – will flash with no GPS lock, solid with GPS lock
            • A7: Arming LED



            • Thanks for this Charles, I'll try re-arranging my plugs for AC3.2 and see if that works.

              • I'll keep looking for more info also, haven't used my apm since I installed it on its new frame months ago ,been to busy I guess Ill have to do some setup on this newer fw now


  • Hi Charles

    nice Job.

    I am interested in your LED / buzzer. Can you please send me 3 pieces of it.

    many thanks


  • How do I order 1?  Still $19?

This reply was deleted.


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