APM 2560 power issues while connected to USB

Hi All,

Setting up a brand new combo of APM 2560/Oilpan for use with ArduCopterMega.

Some users (thanks Darren) point me that the new boards do not deliver USB power to servo/radio pins and therefore I cannot power radio receiver from APM while only connected to USB as I usually did in the past.

While connected to USB if I power the radio receiver separately with a BEC and try to deliver power to the APM servo/radio pins it does not work.

The only way radio receiver works is powering the APM with 5V from ESC BEC and transfer the power to radio receiver, but in the previous APM 1280 you cannot connect USB and ESC BEC at the same time, because you blow your outputs.

I have SJ1 as default.


What is your power wiring with the new 2560 to configure ACM over USB?



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    You can now connect the ESC and USB at the same time. That's the whole point of the new power separation (which is designed to prevent the blown output problem you mention)
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