APM 3.1.5 firmware update

Ok, I have been attempting to update quadcopter firmware to 3.1.5 without any success. 

Problems with download, I was told it might be the usb cable, so used another one with the same result.

My setup goes like this, quadcopter connected to pc with Mission Planner running, no com connection.  Go to initial setup and click quadcopter v3.1.5, pop up says getting FW list etc.  Then says on lower left getting board version, does this for awhile, then says getting from internet, then says downloading hex.  Green status bars goes about one fourth of way across and stops, then delays and pop up says communication Error-no connection.

I done a speed test on internet ping 15 ms and download speed 1.5 meg, not fast but should not be a problem.

If this automatic firmware update is not going to work, can I download manual and update. I can get v3.1.5 by clicking download firmwares from Mission Planner same window, I have it downloaded to a folder in Mission Planner.

Tom Gates


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  • I realize this post is rather old. Here is an answer to those with the problem.

    You need a .hex flasher. Xloader works for me http://xloader.russemotto.com/

    Then get the latest APM 2.6 file from ardupilot found here


    Then unzip both and flash the APM with the file you downloaded.

    Hope it helps!

    • Thanks Matthew,

      I'll give that a try.

      Much appreciated

  • Select load custom firmware and when it asks for the file point it to the downlaod.
    • Yeah but you need to have the .hex file . Is it correct?

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