APM board v1.0 versus v1.4 - with arducopter 2 code

I want to start this discussion in order to isolate differences with code AC2 when runing in APM V1 or V1.4.  I have both boards and I´m testing in the same frame. I´ll report here the details of my tests



AC2 2.0.29

  • problems with baro: alt-hold doesn´t work; the copter goes up without end.
  • Loiter is not good: it moves around loiter point amplified and diverging
  • Loiter PID = (0.5, 0.1, 0.02) the behaviour is aceptable
  • X-bee doest not work fine. After some minutes both x-bee boards "briks". Then a hard work to "unbrick" them (but possible)


APM V1.4

AC2 2.0.33

  • problems with baro solved.
  • Loiter still not good (default settings)
  • X-Bee works fine.


more testing comming.





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  • Not sure if this has to do with the difference between APM v1 and v1.4 but here is the problem I'm currently having-


  • With AC2 2.0.33 X-Bee works in APM Planne (v1.0.30)  only for non-CLI connections.


    "Terminal" doesn´t work ("chinese" letters appears) . I´ve checked with both APM v1.0 and v1.4, and fails with both.


    Sonar looks to be better with v1.4 than v1.0. It looks more progresive (less small "jumps") with v1.4. Also, I have the sensation of better and more effitient flight (more controlled) with v1.4


    I´m using now this medium size Quad: (650g with 2.2 batery). I used PID = (0.45, 0.025, 0.09) por stable mode.


    I need to change sonar control PID´s. Are the ones called "Sonar Thottle PID´s"?. I don´t think so, because I don´t see changes in sonar control when changed them.




  • So Angel,

    what did you find out?


    APM v1  vs. APM v1.4   with same firmware?

  • Great idea Angel, I have AMP 1.0 and  would like to know the real differences. By the way, I think the firmaware is just the code you upload to the AMP.
  • Comparing the two available APM boards for different behaviour is a great idea.

    But then you shouldn't try different firmware versions. This defeats the purpose. I got the v1.0 APM. So I am very, very interested in a compare with identical firmware versions to find out if they are responsible for my bad copter behaviour.
  • Hi Angel,


    in order to find differences in APM V1 and V1.4 you should have the same firmware Version running on both devices. It is very likely that the problems you have identified on V1 will be gone once you updated to 2.0.33.



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