Apm Calibration / Tuning issue when switching to stabilize mode, plane pitches up violently.

I crashed the other day with the apm on board and so I have moved to a new plane, (the original plane was a cessna sykartec, the new one is a 40 size trainer converted to electric)

The new plane when switched to stabilize mode pitches up to full vertical and does not stay any where near level, we have checked different levels when first starting the apm unit but get the same action each time.

My question is, do you have to calibrate the apm unit and transmitter settings each time I start a days flying? Or could the apm unit be damaged from the crashe the other day(there are no signs of physical damage to the pcb or wiring)?


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Ok, so no replies means it was a stupid question, but i figured out what was wrong.

The elevator needed reversing in the apm, the rc sticks were the correct way around but when switching to stabilize mode the apm took over and was the wrong way around for the new plane, funny how it worked properly in the previous plane, go figure.


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