APM Copter 2.9.1.b has been released to the Mission Planner and is also posted in the downloads area.
2.9.1b is a maintenance release incorporating changes to 4 default parameters that have been optimized since 2.9.1 was released.  There are also 4 minor bug fixes.  There are no code function changes or additional features.
The changes are:
1) reduce default INS_MPU6K_FILTER to 20hz
2) reduce InertialNav Z-axis time constant to 5 (was 7)
3) increased max InertialNav accel correction to 3 m/s (was 1m/s)
4) reduce yaw_rate P default to 0.20 (was 0.25)
5) bug fix for alt_hold being passed as int16_t to get_throttle_althold_with_slew which might have caused problems if you climbed over 320m.
6) bug fix for throttle after acro flip (was being kept at min throttle if pilot switched out of ACRO mode while inverted)
7) bug fix to acro trainer to do with roll correction 
8) prevent cli from being entered more than 20seconds after reboot.
Users are recommended to:
    Update Mission Planner to 1.2.41 and
    Update their flight code to 2.9.1b from the Firmware tab on Mission Planner. There is no need to go through a new configuration process in the Mission Planner.


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can someone explain me how to activate an external mag in 3.0?

It´s different to 2.9.


Hi Randy, any tips for tuning ALT_HOLD in v3? I'm getting a very jumpy ALT_HOLD with small surges and occasional big ones, my previous tuned settings for v2.9.1b, which made things better, seem to be making things worse. (My vibration levels are very low, BTW)

I'm also still getting a large drop in height if I bank left or pitch forward and a climb when banking right or pitching backwards?

Here is sample of my ArduCopter V3.0.0-rc1 loiter that  "Loiter drift very significant, position unstable, pronounced "toiletbowling","  The wind is about 3 meter per second.

Many thank's Randy and the team,mines flying great ecept a very little TBE,and moving up and down about 2 feet in loiter,alt hold is perfect,great work,Marty.

do we still need to do this or not?

Motor interference compensation using current


very,very slow landing when returning from RTL,Marty

The setup motor interference doesn't work for me... I have a error message at the end.

I think my 3DR power module is faulty cause my current never increase over 2A with full throttle. : /

Did you run it with props? Without them you never get hi amps. Idle current of motos are 0.5-1 A only.

Oh ok, that can explain my low value indeed... They need more resistance to take amps.  Thank you !

So for the compass motor interference setup I have to run it with props at 50% throttle ? I have to find a way to stick the quad on the ground ? It's quite unconvenient... 

I didn't this kind of calibration yet. But I think it need's for 0% to 100% throttle to record correct offsets. About stick to ground - I think yes. I think about change props on arms to pull all trust to the ground. In that way copter will not take off and will eat max amps.

But as I sad it's just my thoughts I didn't it yet.

Haha thank for the tip with the props. I will give it a try ;)

LOL, it's logical, the magnetism induced by the motors is higher when they are under stress, without propellers what you want to strive? :-)

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