APM ESC Signal Output issue with one pin

Hi, I'm having a problem with my Arducopter/hexacopter.  I'm only having an issue with pin 1 which is connected to my first  esc.  Using a multimeter and touching the ground and signal pin, I'm get a reading of .238 and .790 volts when booting the APM and after it initializes, on the pins for the other five esc's that I'm using.  But on the first ESC the output is .245 and .801 respectively.  This is causing my first ESC to beep and not initialize properly.  Could this caused by a cold solder or is there some other reason that this is happening. 


Thank you for any help.






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    The Arduino bootloader sends random stuff to pin 1 at startup. If you follow the manual's instructions and disconnect the four-wire cable to the power distribution board you won't have any problem.

    This warming is all over the manual. Follow it!



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