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Lee commented on Michael's blog post The Samarai, Lockheed's maple-seed-like drone
"I could really use this if it had a real blade to cut down some tree branches way up in the air!"
Aug 13, 2011
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Aug 12, 2011
Lee posted a discussion
Is the relay needed for anything?  I noticed that my 5V relay has come loose and almost fallen off.  Can I just remove it if it is not needed?  Will this affect the oil pan in any way? Thanks 
Jul 16, 2011
Lee commented on Kevin Vertucio's blog post Arducopter Y6
"Kevin, are you using a magnetometer? I never had luck using it in the past and blame it for the loss of one of my hexas. But maybe I'll try it again since I have extras just lying in the drawer. But as of right now my yaw is very sluggish Ora…"
Jul 12, 2011
Lee commented on Kevin Vertucio's blog post Arducopter Y6
"Nice frame Kevin.  I can't seem to get my Y6 to yaw correctly....  Do you have all the top rotors spinning in the same direction like in the wiki?"
Jul 11, 2011
Lee posted a discussion
Hi, I'm having a problem with my Arducopter/hexacopter.  I'm only having an issue with pin 1 which is connected to my first  esc.  Using a multimeter and touching the ground and signal pin, I'm get a reading of .238 and .790 volts when booting the…
Jun 29, 2011
Lee replied to Don Cramer's discussion Damaged APM, I messed up
"That same thing happened to me! Except my iron didn't slip, just the heat from soldering the pads was enough to dislodge that component. The piece is tiny, I almost lost it as well, but was able to finally manage to solder it back on. At least I…"
Jun 18, 2011
Lee replied to Jason Short's discussion Arducopter Drift issues
"Ugggghhh!  I hate soldering!  In an attempt to solder the jumpers one of those little thingies next to the jumper came off!  After 30 minutes, I finally found it again.  Instead of totally destroying the board, Chris, can I send this to someone to…"
Jun 11, 2011
Lee replied to Jason Short's discussion Arducopter Drift issues
"Jason, are you flying with the magnetometer? If so, can you try it without the mag? I had this problem a couple months ago when I lost one of my hexas in the woods. As soon as I took off the mag, I've never had this problem again."
Jun 7, 2011
Lee posted a discussion
Is there a type or brand of wire I would be using when extending my ESC or motor wires? Should i be using solid or stranded wire?Thank you for any help.Lee
Jun 5, 2011
Lee replied to LAIC's discussion sudden FLIP on back
"Yikes, as much as it will pain me, I guess I'll have to undo and resolder all the connections on my hexa (18 connections). Unfortunately this happened to me a couple weeks ago and the hexa came down from quite a distance and right through one of the…"
May 17, 2011
Lee posted a discussion
Is there any hope of getting Octo support with AC2 in the future?-Lee
May 16, 2011
Lee replied to LAIC's discussion sudden FLIP on back
"Is there a special way that people are soldering their motor wires together? I have a tough time getting them to stick and say straight. Do you need to twist the wires over each other first? A picture would be worth a thousand words in this…"
May 16, 2011
Lee posted a discussion
I love to access this site from my iPad, but it seems that the chat bar appears across the middle of every page in landscape mode and blocks whatever is underneath it.  It disappears when switching to portrait mode, but it's a pain to keep doing so.…
May 12, 2011
Lee replied to srinath mallikarjunan's discussion Attaching the magnetometer to the Arducopter
"I'm on my fourth magnetometer... I'm going the cable attachment route this time. People that are doing the same, where on the copter are you attaching the magnetometer and are you building a case or something to protect it?"
May 12, 2011
Lee replied to Matthew Gray's discussion hexa+ not working
"Yes, I'm getting the same results when testing the motors through the CLI.  I get no power to the motors when I'm in flight mode and arm the motors.  The green LED blinks, but the props don't spin.  I'm flying in hexa+ mode as well."
May 9, 2011