sudden FLIP on back



i've just samshed my Arducopter :


fliying with the latest and greatest code : everthing well.

hoovering around a bit but suddenly the Arducopter flipped to his back and crashed to the ground.....

everythin with my 2.4 GHZ rec 7 Trans is ok.


any idea ? or is it stlii too much " BETA " ?

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  • I've never had any problems with my bullet connectors, although I have the HobbyKing gold-plated ones. They fit very tight indeed, and it's quite hard to pull them back out again.
  • Developer

    Bullet connectors are electrically some of the best connectors our there, if you stay away from the swivel crap some manufacturers have started with. A real bullet connector should be a solid piece of metal. Like for example this.

  • Yikes, as much as it will pain me, I guess I'll have to undo and resolder all the connections on my hexa (18 connections). Unfortunately this happened to me a couple weeks ago and the hexa came down from quite a distance and right through one of the skylights of my house.
  • .

    this have been proven to be the reason,

    have a look


    like everyone, my first flight ended in a big flip, blaming the windy day.... 2 props broken and motors full of dirt

    but obviously after soldering the connectors it didn't happen....

  • Is there a special way that people are soldering their motor wires together? I have a tough time getting them to stick and say straight. Do you need to twist the wires over each other first? A picture would be worth a thousand words in this instance. Thanks!
  • solder the connectors !
    - problem solved :-)
  • It would seem that the problem with bullet connectors is the fact that they have a built in function that allows them to swivel for some strange reason. I do like being able to swop a motor with very little hassle, so I solder that function so that it doesn't move. Thus far no problems.
  • I've had the same problem. I'll solder all the connectors now.


    How do you guys know that the connectors were failing (apart from the fact that they look dodgy)?


  • Like the other guys, I don't like those bullet connectors - I don't know what the designers of those connectors were thinking when the came up with the idea.  When I was flying 3D helis indoors I used to solder the moving part of the connector so that a good connection was made.


    Anyway, my suggestion is to also check the rotor blades are tight.  On my very first flight with my quad one of the arms dipped as I was about 6 inches off the ground.  A check revealed why - a loose prop.  I'm glad it happened so close to the ground.

  • Are you using a standard frame? I'm using a frame I built myself and I found the default PID values were only good for small disturbances. Anything greater would case the quad to over correct and flip over. You may want to think about putting it in a rig an re-tuning your PIDs.
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