Arducopter Y6

Finally got my Y6 together. I am running rctimer 2830/14 750kv motors, 30A esc, 10x4.7 props on 4s 5000maH lipos. Will get higher pitch props for the lower motors soon. Here's a video of some portions of the maiden. Still on default PID. I see it needs some fine tuning, but it's flyable on default settings.
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  • Kevin, are you using a magnetometer? I never had luck using it in the past and blame it for the loss of one of my hexas. But maybe I'll try it again since I have extras just lying in the drawer. But as of right now my yaw is very sluggish Ora uncontrollable. I'm going to try your pids to see if that makes a difference. Thanks again.
  • Ok, just been uploading via mission planner till now, so i didn't want to get into arduino-compiling before i have the time to... perhaps martin can integrate that into the mission planner somehow...



  • Developer
    Hi, Daniel, Glad to see you joining the Y6 army :)
    there is a small change in code now:
    in config.h
    look for

    // Y6 Support

    #ifndef TOP_BOTTOM_RATIO
    # define TOP_BOTTOM_RATIO 0.92 // top motors run at 92%

    That is the top motors speed control its 92% default, on my frame I set it at 96%.

    The frame orientation should have no effect on Tri/Y6 frames ....
  • Yeah, remember that with the propspeed increase, just didn't want to fiddle with it before the holdiay, in order to not screw everything up...


    I will look at D and P, thats what i had in mind, so i may do some tuning to that..

    I fly 600 and 700 size helis too, but still i have somehow more respect towards the y6, probably because it is a beta code, and i know, i soldered it all :D

    May try loiter on the last holiday day, just in case something goes wrong, don't wanna loose my ap-machine on the first day of taking pictures...




  • Great news!! It is an intimidating thing if you think about it. 6 spinning blades that can lacerate you ;) I am not so scared of it since I have 600 and 700 size helis. So this is almost a toy. What I like is the maintenance is not so rigorous. Less places for mechanical failure. Can't wait to see some video! Good luck!

    I think you may need to add more D or less P for pitch if you have oscillations.

    Frame held up ok. It was just props that snapped. I have tried loiter and it was very solid. No problems at all.

    The motors on the bottom spin first since the top motors are running at 92%. This is so you can use same pitch props on top and bottom. You can adjust it via CH_6. It's adjustable between 80-100%. Max Levine had a comment about here. Maybe on first page.
  • It works, for the love of god, it wooooooorks!!
    After 3 weeks of continous building, rerouting, doing things new, having problems with the motor shafts, having to little propellers, it works aaat last!!!

    One day before the holiday where i want to use it for AP.. :D

    Had a little wobble on the pitch axis, but nothing bad and yaw felt a little bit uncontrollable (although me being used to helis i haven't flown a copter till this day where i liked the yaw behavior) but all in all it works great..

    Sorry about your crash, how did the frame keep up with it, no problems?

    Have you tried Loiter again since the video you posted?

    But this copter is wildly intimidating, i must say. mine is way bigger then yours, i think something like 90cm from motor to motor, 13 inch props on it, scary beast...

    Oh, one more question, when i throttle up, all bottom props start running, and then the higher throttle goes one by one the top motors join in spinning,,, do you have that behavior too, or is it just me? It doesn't take long, they are all spinning before they get to liftoff rpm...

    What could that be, some esc settings slightly different?




  • Using 2.0.33b still. I have my PID for roll/pitch set as P=0.46, I=default, D=0.19. For YAW PID, P=0.01, I=default, D=0.07.

    I have been following 2.0.34 preview thread. Looks like it's stable for use. I haven't loaded since I am waiting for some replacement props. I had a little pilot error mishap over the weekend.
  • great, did that too now.. heading out in half an hour when my dad is there to hold the copter for the first "does it stabilize in the right direction" and see if it steers in the right direction test...

    Which firmware are you using now, and how are your results in stabilze and in loiter... i have 2.0.33 on it for the time being, going on holiday tomorrow, want to take the copter with me and i am not sure, if i should test 2.0.34 before it, can't afford it going down or flying wacky...

    What are your pids doing, did it need a lot of tuning?
  • Not sure. At first, I was going to choose 'x', but then while in CLI, I noticed 'v' was an option...I just was brave and tried it.
  • How did you even hit on "V"?
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