Arducopter Y6

Finally got my Y6 together. I am running rctimer 2830/14 750kv motors, 30A esc, 10x4.7 props on 4s 5000maH lipos. Will get higher pitch props for the lower motors soon. Here's a video of some portions of the maiden. Still on default PID. I see it needs some fine tuning, but it's flyable on default settings.
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  • yep. 


  • Thats very interesting, so that worked, with the apm Pointing out between the two front booms? Regards Daniel
  • Daniel, I am using "v" orientation in setup. It's not listed in MIssion Planner, but it is an option when doing setup via CLI. I just enter v when asked in Mission Planner.


    Not sure if that's correct, but I have not had an issue. Never tried + or x either.

  • When setting up the Y6 it still asks me for frame orientation + or x.... which one do i take with the y6?



  • Lee, I have everything exactly as in the Wiki. You have a reverse YAW when you are using sticks? I am sure you tried reversing that channel on your tx...
  • Nice frame Kevin.  I can't seem to get my Y6 to yaw correctly....  Do you have all the top rotors spinning in the same direction like in the wiki?
  • That sounds great, i have my quad dialed in in stabilze mode, might try loiter today or tomorrow.
    After that, i will migrate all the motors and the APM to the Y6... looking forward to the results...

  • Good luck, Daniel. Excited to see your project.

    BTW, I just ran 2.0.33b last night with PIDs suggested by Max. It was rock solid. I also gave LOITER a test and didn't have the problem I had on .31b. Switched from STABILIZE to LOITER with no problem.
  • Yeah, i am interested in seeing how they will handle too.
    But i am planning a payload of max a Entry-Level-DSLR+Gimbal+ video downlink, so i couldn't go with the smaller motors...


  • Sergei, 


    AUW is 2080g which includes GoPro in a skeleton protective case and standard sticky mount. I am using new batteries so I am breaking them in still. I only run them down to 3.8V per cell, which is just about 9min. I hope to get at least 12min flights out of a 5000maH. I will eventually try running 2 4s packs in parallel. Might be too heavy to be worth it, but I have to at least try.

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