The Samarai, Lockheed's maple-seed-like drone

Being from Lockheed it's not DIY by any means, but this could be an interesting concept to play with.3689419701?profile=original"The Samarai is about a foot long, and has just two moving parts plus a camera. It can be controlled by a remote control or by an app on a tablet computer."

The full article is in the Navy Times.

Clearly not a vehicle for FPV unless you could have it transmit 1 image per revolution.



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    very reminiscent of Jack Crossfire's Marcy 1 work.

  • This takes the unusual step of including the motor on the wing side of the equation.
    Moving the center of mass toward the single wing results in less of the wing moving productively - and in extreme cases, in part of the wing moving backwards through the air.

    Still, with enough battery weight etc; it can be reasonable.

    Props in the uncontested airstream may outperform props straddling the airfoil - however, we might consider a wing-leading prop to be in the least turbulent air.
  • The samara configuration is pretty cool. One advantage is a large amount of passive stability since any lateral imbalances are canceled out by the rotation.

    @Yuan- The University of Maryland vehicle is a different project than Lockheed's.

  • I could really use this if it had a real blade to cut down some tree branches way up in the air!
  • whats the sens of this? camera is always in movement, no way to get a decent image


    But can it draw Marcy 1 & Air Force logos in the air?

  • mine running an APM

    see topic:jaw-dropping-project-but-need-a-little-help3690882502?profile=original

  • Is this related to University of Maryland's maple seed copter?

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