Damaged APM, I messed up


While soldering the pads on a new APM (the 3 filter pads) my soldering iron slipped and dislodged a surface mount component. I thought i would be able to repaid this, i was wrong.


Please see the attached photo. The blue arrow points to the component that is no longer on my board. How do i find out what this component was and get assistance fixing this?


Any help or advice appreciated.




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  • Thanks a ton Gerard. Either way, looks like a simple fix.
  • Sorry, yes your card is REV H V10 Hotel found here :


    The pad was for enable/disable gyro low pass filters

  • After looking at close ups of the traces on the board that with that component missing it is the same as not having the z gyro pads not soldered. So i guess it could be worse.
  • Thanks Gerard. Those don't seem to be for the Rev H board (new board) which is what i have. It does not show the pads or that component.


    And yeah Lee, tiny. I had control of it for a mere 5 seconds before it was gone.

  • That same thing happened to me! Except my iron didn't slip, just the heat from soldering the pads was enough to dislodge that component. The piece is tiny, I almost lost it as well, but was able to finally manage to solder it back on. At least I think so.... Goog luck!

  • You can find schematic from the store :


    The component is C2 : 0.1uF

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