Copter rescue

Does anyone have any ideas on how to rescue a multicopter stuck about 200 feet up in a pine tree with another multicopter? The copter needing to be rescued is kind of just hanging there for about a week now.

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  • There are multiple ways to rescue.

    Here is one.

    The video is long. Go to 4 min plus and see how it is done.

    More development may be needed.


  • In Germany we have sth. like a voluntary fire department. Especially in small villages they will probably save your copter for beer and barbecue.


    I guess cheaper than buying/bulding a new one.


    If that doesn't help. There are people who cut trees way up in the air. They have special gear to climb a tree without falling off. Maybe ask your gardener in town for these guys. Maybe they lend you their gear.


    Good look


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