How do I tell what FW version I have loaded from MP? Sorry for this basic question, but I haven't needed to find this out before, and now I don't know how... Thanks.

Also, it would be really handy to be able to pick older FW versions properly from MP, in a better manner than now which is trial and error unless you happen to know the code.

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If you select "Show Console Window" in the MP Help Screen and restart, you'll be able to see the whole boot sequence in that window, which will list the firmware version. 

As for loading older code, you may not have noticed but as you select the code by different Git hash number, the public version numbers ("2.7", etc) change under the aircraft icons so you know which one that hash represents. 

Thanks a lot Chris. I feel real dumb now... I didn't know what the "Show Console Window" thing did; but you reminded me that the regular startup boot window has the FW version. I used to be able to see that, but the new computer loads it so fast I don't have time to read/see it, plus that I have MP running pretty much "permanently" so rarely even start it up fresh now.

I have never actually used the "load old FW" feature. I was going to try it, but first wanted to know if I'd be able to tell what version I had loaded before going crazy with it...a chicken and the egg thing re the FW version number display. This is cool.

BTW I don't have a problem with the latest FW or anything. I like the FW I have running and just wanted to make sure I could get back to it when I load a new version that's rumored to be coming soon.


Or you can use the Terminal Mode and the CLI to view the loaded version of the code.

Just a thought.



How do you go back further currently under " Pick Previous Version"  is only goes to 2.9   .. would like to test 2.7

Anyone know what the procedure these days is? There is no version info under "messages".

Click "Auto Analysis" in DataFlash Logs it shows


Firmware Version V3.4.6
Firmware Hash e707341b

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