APM Firmware Version from Mission Planner?

How do I tell what FW version I have loaded from MP? Sorry for this basic question, but I haven't needed to find this out before, and now I don't know how... Thanks.

Also, it would be really handy to be able to pick older FW versions properly from MP, in a better manner than now which is trial and error unless you happen to know the code.

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  • Click "Auto Analysis" in DataFlash Logs it shows


    Firmware Version V3.4.6
    Firmware Hash e707341b

  • 100KM

    Anyone know what the procedure these days is? There is no version info under "messages".

  • 3D Robotics

    If you select "Show Console Window" in the MP Help Screen and restart, you'll be able to see the whole boot sequence in that window, which will list the firmware version. 

    3692575275?profile=originalAs for loading older code, you may not have noticed but as you select the code by different Git hash number, the public version numbers ("2.7", etc) change under the aircraft icons so you know which one that hash represents. 

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