APM Laptop Based GCS in the field

Hi guys (and ladies),

a quick and I hope not too silly question.

I am currently building a laptop based gcs (Lenovo Thinkpad). The APM software works great and at home I get good results.  But a thought just occurred to me (little slow I know) when in the field, I have no wifi / wlan so I am assuming that I won't get the nice maps view on the right hand window with the waypoints. Have I missed something obvious?

If this is indeed the case, what does the rest of the UAV world do - other GCS program with saved maps, or connection via mobile phone / sim-card?

Greetings from Munich


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  • For info my set up is:


    1. Pre-fetch maps

    2. use iphone as personal hotspot

    3. use pay-as-you-go dongle plugged into laptop

    4. beg friend to set his htc phone on a (different network) up as a personal hotspot when all else fails




  • Look at the " tips" section in the link below :

    It will describe how to prefetch maps in the mission planner.
  • You could use your phone as a Bluetooth/ wifi hotspot.

    My dell has a 3g modem with sim slot behind the battery, I just pop in my mobile broadband sim.

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Dec 3, 2020