Can anyone provide any suggestions to this issue, with an APM mini, running v3.2.1.

It's mounted on a 250 size quad. Problem is that it tries to roll left on take-off.
- APM is sited normally, arrow pointing forward. Artificial Horizon (AH) moves correctly in MP.
- Motor test with all 4 together provides even thrust. (ESCs were calibrated together)
- On arming, as I increase throttle the right motors spool up more then the left (confirmed in MP servo output screen), AH shows the increasing roll to left, yet it continues to apply more power.
- If I hold (almost) full right roll on transmitter, I can take-off and fly it a bit - which suggests it can't be a motor reverse issue.
- Radio calibration all in the correct direction and centres around 1500
- If I hold it around 45 degrees to the left while armed, the motors settle down to even thrust.

So far I have:
- Flashed to rover and back to copter, then re-applied config
- Reset to defaults and ran through wizard from scratch (this changed it from originally rolling to the right to the left!)
- Tried another APM Mini I had, flashed and written with the config saved from above

- Disabled compass - same issue.

As I get even thrust with motor test (all together), AND the servo out confirms it's applying more to the right side I assume I can discount the ESCs and motors as the cause.

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