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550 Hex with ADU 2.6 Parrot AR.Drone Hudsan X4


Luton, UK

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Alan D replied to Alan D's discussion Pitch wobble with Tarrot gimbal
"Yes, I do.
It's complete with motors, ESCs, APM flight controller etc, and is ready to fly. If you're interested in buying it, PM me and i'll take some photos on it."
Aug 16, 2020
Alan D replied to Joel McCoy's discussion Building a Drone from scratch

Depending on where you are, I have a 450 size quad with Naza, GPS, OSD, camera and video transmitter for sale cheap over on the UK Drone Junk Yard facebook group, complete with 2x 4S batteries and some spares. Just needs a transmitter binding…"
Jun 19, 2019
Alan D posted a discussion
Can anyone provide any suggestions to this issue, with an APM mini, running v3.2.1.It's mounted on a 250 size quad. Problem is that it tries to roll left on take-off.- APM is sited normally, arrow pointing forward. Artificial Horizon (AH) moves…
Jun 5, 2019
Alan D replied to Ivan R's discussion hexacopter bobbles up/down on pitch when flying headwind - Pixhawk
"Is there foam over the baro sensor inside the pixhawk case?
If it is missing it could cause this.
[No direct experience of pixhawk, but APMs have this]"
Jun 3, 2015
Alan D replied to astroknut's discussion I've got the shakes! Any tips?
"Not sure what gimbal you're using, but I had similar with my Tarot gimbal, which I eventually found was caused by one of the screws between the camera mount and gimbal motor shaft being slightly loose (yet felt OK when I manually moved the motor).…"
Jan 14, 2015
Alan D replied to Alex's discussion Large Hexa w/3.2 Crash Log
"I've not looked at your log yet, but spinning suggests a motor / ESC failure or poor connection."
Jan 14, 2015
Alan D replied to Elliot Booley's discussion Motor broken on my Quadcopter
"You need 2 of each. Agree that Hubsan X4 motors should work. Check the diameter, as there are two versions available."
Jan 9, 2015
Alan D replied to Lowell's discussion Stablilize Mode Question
"Have you got a power module? Is it configured in the APM setup?
Without both the APM cannot log voltage and current info."
Jan 6, 2015
Alan D replied to L's discussion Determining if esc/motor/or ? is bad
"Can you swap that motor to another position, then same for the ESC - should quickly be able to work out which component is faulty."
Dec 8, 2014
Alan D replied to Christoph's discussion Dji vision changing the camera to gopro
"Can you use a separate 5.8ghz video transmitter and a 'conventional' screen with a RX, rather than a phone or tablet?This has the advantage of mush faster / smoother video downlink than the wifi from the gopro can offer."
Nov 27, 2014
Alan D replied to Mike J's discussion Tarot gimbal jitter
"Try connecting the gimbal tilt input directly to a spare channel on the receiver, NOT via the pixhawk.
I had this on my setup with an APM, and this resolved it."
Nov 24, 2014
Alan D replied to Pete Blacker's discussion APM 3.1 Wild Auto take off followed by crash
"I had a similar issue on my hex, which was caused by a faulty ESC, on the side it flew towards.
It appeared to spin up OK on take-off, but must have been creating lower thrust than the rest, flying sideways gathering speed until it crashed and broke…"
Jul 23, 2014
Alan D replied to J'Rome's discussion Top 10 reasons DIY mini-uavs crash & the recommended equipment/procedure to address it?
"My issues...

Lack of redundancy - quads and hexes will generally fall from the sky if any prop / motor / ESC / cable fails. Octos are better.
Battery life issues - many crashes are the result of the low battery warning being too late (or not at…"
Jul 22, 2014
Alan D replied to Andre B.'s discussion Bad Crash in RTL Mode > Please help with log
"I've not looked at your logs yet, but it sounds like it ran out of power before it landed.
I've had this a few times. I have now set the LiPo alarm trigger voltage higher, and generally manually land it rather than RTL - which usually needs to climb…"
Jul 18, 2014
Alan D replied to David Byrnes's discussion power source to run a 2d gimbal and video transmitter
"Yes, the Tarot software is a windows program. If you're on Mac or Linux a virtual machine running XP will do, as long as you pass through the USB port.
Channel positions set on the transmitter, yes.
Nothing needed on the APM, as it's not connected…"
Jul 16, 2014
Alan D replied to David Byrnes's discussion power source to run a 2d gimbal and video transmitter
"Yes. I have done exactly that with a DX6i. You'll need to set the channel end positions on the transmitter to prevent the camera moving too far.If you have the Tarot gimbal, the default radio mode is for radio rate mode (or similar), you'll need to…"
Jul 16, 2014