APM mission planner for mac?

Does anyone know; Is the APM misison planner available (in whatever form) for a mac? 

How awesome would it be if there was an ipad app (and interface for telemetry) made for it... talk about a great solution for the field. If I had the programming skeelz....I'd do it. But I can barely tie my shoes. 

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    The wait is over http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/apm-planner-2-0-rc1 ;-)

  • Telemetry isn't working for me, i cant connect to the apm 2.5

  • At last. I just downloaded the MP for OSX. It is AMAZING! The look is very clean. Functionality is uncluttered. Very user friendly and Intuitive. This is the V2.0.0 (Beta-RC2) so there are some minor bugs but they do not affect the main operation. Question: Where do we report bugs, requested enhancements etc.? Where do we pose general questions?

    Thanks guys for the great job here.



  • I'm looking forward to trying this Mac version. Thanks
  • Might not be an answer you will like, but I recently discovered DroidPlanner, which is an Android version of Mission Planner (or maybe it's a completely different project? but it works with the 3dr stuff).


    To me, having a really cheap android tablet in the field is much better than having to carry a laptop out there. Might be worth checking it out vs. tinkering with bootcamp/vmware etc.

    Ground Control Station for Android Devices. Contribute to arthurbenemann/droidplanner development by creating an account on GitHub.
  • You can try APM Mission Planner 2.0 for OSX. I am running it on Ubuntu Linux.


  • i just tried the MAC version and i LIKE it.  it seems "smoother" than the windows version.

    waiting for the real release.......


  • Guess it wasn't announced wide enough as I just stumbled upon the recent Alpha release of APM Planner 2.0 Mac


  • I run under Parallels 8 and have not seen any issues at all using my Mac Pro.

    Use Coherence Mode and it will look seamless in the mac.

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    I have a iOS app that is to be released soon, see http://www.communistech.com/blog for more info

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